Luovan valokuvauksen keskus


The Centre for Creative Photography organises six exhibitions of photography per year at the Ratamo Gallery . The duration of each exhibition is three and a half weeks. Deadlines are announced annually in the member newsletter and on our website.  

The Centre collects 500 € rent for the gallery space (main hall 350 €/side room 250 €). This fee is used to cover the printing costs of the exhibition poster along with the press release, which is sent out to local and national media representatives and also published on our own social media venues. The gallery rent also includes the organization and refreshments for the exhibition opening, and covers insurance for the artwork along with supervision of the space during the exhibition period. The Centre takes a 25% commission on all artwork sold during the exhibition. 

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The Library Gallery is a 55” digital screen situated in the Ratamo Library, and is suitable for screening series of digital photographs or short films. The screen has been primarily used to show work that could not be accommodated in the main gallery spaces. The Library Gallery also shows works in progress as well as videos on the working processes of an artist.